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CMU VC 2022 Winners & Finalists

We are so proud of our participants and wish them all the
best in their entrepreneurial journeys!

Paradigm Robotics

1st Place Winner

Paradigm Robotics is paradigm-shifting the field of robotics by developing the next generation of advanced and accessible robotic solutions designed to protect the brave.


Siddharth Thakur Formal Picture Close-up (1).jpg
Siddharth Thakur
Founder & CEO
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2022_02_19 Krishnan Ram Headshots (13)-Edit.jpg
Krishnan Ram
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Pritivi Rajkumar
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Jatin Kumar
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Shashank Vinay Kumar
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2nd Place Winner

Introducing Bonsai, the ultimate productivity booster for knowledge workers!  With Bonsai's AI-driven technology, finding the right information has never been easier or more efficient. Say goodbye to long response times and hello to instant resolutions and improved customer satisfaction.


BAM! Bottle 

Final McGinnis Logo.png

BAM! Bottle is a portable container that heats liquids on the go. We change beverage temperature through battery power alone to ensure that your drink is always at your perfect temperature. BAM! Bottle-- for those everyday moments where you need a little BAM!


Screen Shot 2022-03-08 at 3.21.35 PM.png
Kaitlyn Chow
Founder & CEO
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ToxiSense is using genetic engineering to develop plant-based biosensors for bacterial endotoxin as a more low-cost and sustainable method to test for contamination in medical products and drinking water.

ToxiSense Logo (1).PNG


LEAF is a subscription-based SAAS for solar/electrical engineers that automates solar-array design with an AutoCAD plugin and artificial intelligence.

Meet the Team:
Evan Haug, CEO and Inventor

Cooper Reif, COO and Founder

Kehley Coleman, CMO and Founder
Ben Trabold, Co-CTO and Founder

Jake Prusky, Co-CTO and Founder


American Made Solar Challenge Semi-Finalists

CMU VC 2021 Livestream

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