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CMU VC 2023 Winners & Finalists

Congratulations to our finalists and winners!

Please reach out to if you would like access to our finalist's resume book.

HydroPhos Solutions

1st Place Winner

HydroPhos Solutions is a circular economy social venture that simultaneously addresses eutrophication and phosphorus depletion as a function of its core business model. HydroPhos utilizes phosphorus filtration technology to extract phosphorus from wastewater, subsequently reselling this phosphorus into the fertilizer industry. This reduces eutrophication, recycles the nutrients, and extends the lifespan of our global food supply by combating phosphorus depletion, all while creating a profit that is reinvested into the business's growth to scale the positive impact of operations.


HydroPhos Solutions_Transparent - Jason Plant (1).png

University of New Hampshire

DerekLong - Jason Plant.jpg
Derek Long
  • LinkedIn
Jason_Plant - Jason Plant.JPG
Jason Plant
  • LinkedIn
Katie_Remeis - Jason Plant.jpg
Katie Remeis
  • LinkedIn
Nicole_King - Jason Plant.jpg
Nicole King
  • LinkedIn


2nd Place Winner

Unsmudgeable is building an environmentally friendly permanent anti-smudge eyewear lens coating. This coating provides eyewear users a consistent clear line of vision leading to increased safety, productivity and convenience in a 1 time application.

unsmudgeable 7 x9 logo jacket - Swarna Shiv (1).png

Babson College, Wellesley College

Sage_Widder - Swarna Shiv.webp
Sage Widder
  • LinkedIn
Swarna_Shiv - Swarna Shiv.JPG
Swarna Shiv
  • LinkedIn
aaron_huang - Swarna Shiv.jpeg
Aaron Huang
  • LinkedIn

Equolity Bio

3rd Place Winner

Menopause affects millions of women across the globe, often causing severe symptoms that greatly harm one's health and wellbeing. Equolity Bio is a synthetic biology company aiming to revolutionize menopause treatment using cutting-edge genetic and metabolic engineering technology. We are developing novel strains of bacteria that efficiently synthesize (S)-equol, a potent estrogen-like compound proven to safely and effectively reduce menopause symptoms, for use in precision probiotics and biofactories.

Equolity Logo v1.0 (3) - Zachary Swidey (1).png

University of Pennslyvania, Yale University



Elythea is an ML/DL-driven platform that obstetricians in any setting use to predict risk for complications of pregnancy (postpartum hemorrhage, c-section, hypertensive eclampsia) before they ever happen, as early as the 1st trimester!

Brown University

Elythea Logo Official - Reetam Ganguli (1).jpeg
rishik_lad_headshot - Reetam Ganguli.jpg
Rishik Lad
  • LinkedIn
Reetam_ganguli (2) - Reetam Ganguli.jpg
Reetam Ganguli
  • LinkedIn


noVRel is developing a neurosurgery-focused attachment for the Microsoft HoloLens 2. The solution will condense 4 pieces of current equipment into one device, simplifying the set-up process and elevating the standard of care of neurosurgery.

noVRel-logos_white - Vaani Bansal (1)_edited.png

University of Pittsburgh

Dime, Inc.

Dime enables companies to directly penetrate the Gen Z market with our powerful network of ambassadors. We pair this with an AI SaaS solution that matches ambassadors in our database with our clients according to their needs.

Duke University

IMG_0654 (2) (2) - Abby H (1).png
Abby_Huang - Abby H.jpeg
Abby Huang
  • LinkedIn
Marek_Drozowski - Abby H.jpeg
Marek Drozowski
Helen_Chen - Abby H.jpeg
Helen Chen
  • LinkedIn
Lily_Annenberg - Abby H.jpg
Lily Annenberg
  • LinkedIn
Alex_Hong - Abby H.jpeg
Alex Hong
  • LinkedIn
Cj_Nagle - Abby H.jpeg
CJ Nagle
  • LinkedIn
Alessandro_Dalbon - Abby H.jpeg
Alessandro Dalbon
  • LinkedIn

Asculta Technologies

Asculta Technologies produces plasma acoustic emissions sensors, which are highly sensitive microphones detecting structural damage in infrastructure before material failure. Our patented technology will extend the lifetime of nuclear reactors.

Screenshot 2023-02-21 at 10.36.21 PM (1) - Yiying Zhang (1).png
asculta technologies_team_headshot - Yiying Zhang.jpg

Princeton University

xuan_lin - Yiying Zhang.jpg
Xuan Lin
  • LinkedIn
xabier_sardina - Yiying Zhang.jpg
Xabier Sardina
  • LinkedIn
matthew_banaag - Yiying Zhang.jpg
Matthew Banaag
  • LinkedIn
yiying_zhang - Yiying Zhang.jpg
Yiying Zhang
  • LinkedIn

OnPoint Ventilation

OnPoint Ventilation has pioneered a novel catheter for one-lung ventilation surgery, designed to eliminate pain points in the procedure and ease physician burdens. The team has thoroughly validated their project and is eager to bring it to market.

OnPoint_Ventilation-Logo - Nina Nair (1).jpg

Johns Hopkins University

Alexandra_Gorham_Headshot - Nina Nair.heic
  • LinkedIn
Nina_Nair_Headshot - Nina Nair.JPG
Nina Nair
Arijit_Nukala_Headshot - Nina Nair.png
Arijit Nukala
Krisha_Thakur_Headshot - Nina Nair.jpeg
Krisha Thakur
  • LinkedIn
Ria_Jha_Headshot - Nina Nair.jpg
Ria Jha
  • LinkedIn
Charlie_Almoney_Headshot - Nina Nair.png
Charlie Almoney
  • LinkedIn


The problem of endoscopes becoming dirty and visualization being blocked mid-surgery due to accumulation of debris causes 25 minutes and $1500 to be wasted each operation, as well as worsened patient outcomes due to disruptions in surgical flow. ScOAPe is looking to solve this issue by creating an attachment that allows for on-demand clearing of the lens, eliminating the need for the surgeon to remove the endoscope, clean it, and reinsert it every time the lens is occluded.

ScOAPe Logo - Rohit Mantena (1).png

University of Pittsburgh

Rohit_Mantena - Rohit Mantena.jpeg
Rohit Mantena
  • LinkedIn
Kamil_Nowicki - Rohit Mantena.jpeg
Kamil Nowicki
  • LinkedIn


SinkOrganics Composter is an automated device that can convert food waste into organic fertilizer right under the sink, allowing users to enjoy the convenience of traditional garbage disposals while composting the food waste without any hassle.

sinkOrgLogo - Jinkai Qiu (1).png

University of California, Los Angeles

Clutch Car Management

Clutch can be described as the "Uber for AAA". Roadside assistance industry giants are constantly being ridiculed by customers for their long wait times. Clutch is planning to revolutionize this through the use of gig workers as road side assistance service employees. Gig workers are those who work for Uber, Doordash, Instacart, etc. They are already on the road and therefore can arrive at customers in need in a much faster time. We are already letting 'strangers, drive us around, pick up our food, and pick up our groceries - Why not let them fix your flat tire?

Screen Shot 2023-04-12 at 3.48.55 PM.png

Carnegie Mellon University

CMU VC 2022 Winners & Finalists

We are so proud of our participants and wish them all the
best in their entrepreneurial journeys!

Paradigm Robotics

1st Place Winner

Paradigm Robotics is paradigm-shifting the field of robotics by developing the next generation of advanced and accessible robotic solutions designed to protect the brave.


Siddharth Thakur Formal Picture Close-up (1).jpg
Siddharth Thakur
Founder & CEO
  • LinkedIn
2022_02_19 Krishnan Ram Headshots (13)-Edit.jpg
Krishnan Ram
  • LinkedIn


Pritivi Rajkumar
  • LinkedIn
Jatin Kumar
  • LinkedIn
Shashank Vinay Kumar
  • LinkedIn

2nd Place Winner

Introducing Bonsai, the ultimate productivity booster for knowledge workers!  With Bonsai's AI-driven technology, finding the right information has never been easier or more efficient. Say goodbye to long response times and hello to instant resolutions and improved customer satisfaction.


BAM! Bottle 

Final McGinnis Logo.png

BAM! Bottle is a portable container that heats liquids on the go. We change beverage temperature through battery power alone to ensure that your drink is always at your perfect temperature. BAM! Bottle-- for those everyday moments where you need a little BAM!


Screen Shot 2022-03-08 at 3.21.35 PM.png
Kaitlyn Chow
Founder & CEO
  • LinkedIn


ToxiSense is using genetic engineering to develop plant-based biosensors for bacterial endotoxin as a more low-cost and sustainable method to test for contamination in medical products and drinking water.

ToxiSense Logo (1).PNG


LEAF is a subscription-based SAAS for solar/electrical engineers that automates solar-array design with an AutoCAD plugin and artificial intelligence.

Meet the Team:
Evan Haug, CEO and Inventor

Cooper Reif, COO and Founder

Kehley Coleman, CMO and Founder
Ben Trabold, Co-CTO and Founder

Jake Prusky, Co-CTO and Founder


American Made Solar Challenge Semi-Finalists

CMU VC 2021 Livestream

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